Artistic proposals

The settlers

Format: participative fiction.

The visitors of the website are invited to imagine the settlement of a slum by visualizing an empty 360° empty space and filling an online survey. In this space, where almost no other resource is available more than our ideas and common actions, the visitors are confronted with a list of very specific questions related to the settlement of a slum. The consideration of specific problems related to the lack of resources and the challenges to find collective solutions should manifest the capacity and difficulties to imagine a common future. Afterwards, the collected answers of the survey will be filtered in order to find coincidences that can give some hints of the most probable scenario for the settlement of the slum. To illustrate this probable scenario, hypertexts, drawings, 3D models and 360° videos which will be produced and published on the website. Based on those results, a new survey will be generated and new digital material will be produced. This process will repeat periodically, creating a digital archive of images and texts that act as narrative fragments documenting the story of the fictional slum “Villa Futuro.”

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News From No(w)Here

Format: VR-Documentaries.

News from (Now)Here” is a collaborative VR-documentary film project focused on the search of utopias by creating an empathetic approach to the lives of people living in slums through the use of immersive technology. The project is inspired by the 1890 utopian novel “News from Nowhere” by William Morris and is based on the use of virtual reality as a tool for social mediation as originally designed by BeAnotherLab and supported by the United Nations for the free use of technology (Creative Commons). With the on-site collaboration of the filmmakers in Peru and Brazil, “News from Now(Here)” will be shot in the slums Ocupação Izidora in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Lomo Corvina in Villa El Salvador (Peru) documenting one day in the lives of some of their inhabitants. Using documentary film technics and virtual reality technology, the proposal offers a close and empathic approach and encourage the exchange of information between the slums inhabitants and people from other latitudes of the world .

On pre-production.

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The Slum

Format: AR interactive installation.

For this proposal a sculptural model of “Villa Futuro” will be built out of recyclable waste (wooden sticks, old cardboard, aluminium cans, etc.). The story of “The Slum” is told then through the interaction between the physical model and mobile devices by means of augmented reality. Thus, the project builds on two levels of perception:

The first level plays with the physical composition of material remnants and their transformation into the city model “Villa Futuro.” To do this, the artist take on the role of a “cartonero” (Latin American term for “rubbish collector”) and collect unusable material on the streets of the city. The material is then classified it in the studio and recycled as the main element of the work. The recycling of the seemingly useless waste reflects not only it apparent use in the past but also the way a slum is created.

The second level plays with AR as a digital interaction format, within which the smartphones and tablets interact with the physical objects of the city model and enhance them with narrative information. Through this interaction, the audience is able to assume the role of a film editor by associating audiovisual narrative elements into a chain of narrative events. All the computer-generated visual and auditive information enhancing the “Villa Futuro‘s” city model, will be constantly fed up based on the information gained by the artistic proposals The settlers and Notes From No(w) Here.

Upcoming: MATJÖ – Raum für Kunst Exhibition Program 2022 / Dates to be confirmed.

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