Assemblage: The Settlers

This assemblage is an online-based participative fiction of a slum of the future called Villa Futuro. It explores the possibilities of narrative media technologies to create collectively a story by dealing with the projective aspect of agency in precarious urban communities and fostering the construction of imaginary territories and identities towards a future together.

Hier is an introduction video to the project:

Form of participation:

Please select one of the sections of the story. If you are new here we recommend you watch the introductory video above and then choose one of the sections below. Although the sections are developed in chronological order, please, feel free to skip to and choose any section you prefer. Your answers (which are anonymous and confidential) will help the research to further develop the story of Villa Futuro as follows:

All collected answers are filtered to find coincidences that can give some hints of the most probable scenario of the story. To illustrate this probable scenario, we produce narrative texts, hypertexts, drawings, sounds, videos, and 3D models organized chronologically in sections and published periodically on this website. Based on the quantity and quality of the answers, new sections and new narrative material are produced so that the complexity of the story grows in time. Our task is to create collectively and little by little the settlement of Villa Futuro and to build the future of its community.


Introduction – Arrival

Day 1 – Water Supply

Day 2 – Food Provision

Day 3 – Housing construction

Day 4 – Private and communal property

Thank you very much for your time and inspiration!

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