The Settlers – Day 4

Private and communal property

As soon as the first houses were finished, the claims of ownership began. The impatience of everyone to get a roof over their heads is very great since the first tents are overcrowded and there is concern that the overcrowding, cold and exhaustion of the last few days will lead to illness. Therefore, despite having already established an order of construction of the houses for each family, many disagree with this order and claim the houses for themselves or for those who are more vulnerable. In many of the cases it is also the case that most of the work of building these first houses has been done by a relatively small group of builders with knowledge and skills in the field, and this group claims ownership of the first houses in return for their work. Those who have not been part of the practical work, partly because of physical impossibility, tiredness, or because they have taken on other tasks such as caring for small children or organizing and preparing food, are afraid that the builders will have no incentive to build the rest of the houses if they already have their own houses completed.

This is why we met to discuss the following:

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