The Settlers – Day 3

Housing construction

While food is going to be a problem that will take up much more of our time, we need to concentrate on other issues urgently, and the highest priority right now is housing. So far we have improvised by creating two long rectangular tents with the rest of the materials and inorganic waste obtained from the search for water. These tents have served as a roof to protect us from the sun while we gather during the day and from the wind and humidity while we rest during the nights.

We are, however, too many people and many of us have had to spend the night in the open, in addition to the enormous difficulty of finding our families and loved ones in the crowd. For this reason, we have again decided to organize groups for the construction of houses, distributing ourselves in different groups according to our skills and knowledge.

But before we start we need to discuss and agree on how we are going to distribute the houses in the space, since there are so many families in need of a place to live. Taking into account that the land is relatively flat:

The materials we have are not too many and consist basically of reeds, some wood and vegetable fibers. This lack of resources has something positive for the construction and it is that we do not need materials from the city and that we can realistically finish each house in a matter of hours. Although it is clear to us that these are small temporary huts, which will not stand the test of time, these spaces will help us as a better shelter and as a first structure to establish more effective ways of supplying water and food. We then set to work in the hope of finishing a first group of houses by the day after tomorrow.

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