Stage 3 – Amadea

Sketch of the slum by “Anónimo”

Based on the methodology of “Forensic Architecture” the project is about the accumulation of material and immaterial evidence that wants to measure the life of Amadea in Villa Futuro. Amadea was an inhabitant and one of the first settlers of the fictional slum invented from the research and data evaluation of texts, images, videos, audios and objects produced from the first stages of the artistic research. From that material parts of the life of Amadea could be reconstructed as the citizen responsible of writing the protocols of the evolution of the slum from a settlement, to its constitution as a young town and its growing new relations with the city.

The presentation will be a lecture performance where all of this evidence is tried to be understood in a chronological fictional narrative reproducing a large amount of spatial information about Amadea‘s immediate personal environment.