Assemblage: Amadea

Sketch of the slum by “Anónimo”

This assemblage will explore agency as a body without organs. Using elements of the media approach of the Forensic Architecture and the fictional approach of the Atlas Group, the artistic researcher will recollect audios, moving and still images from the internet and mixed them with self-produced digital material as “evidence” of the life of a fictional person called “Amadea.” This person was allegedly an inhabitant and one of the first settlers of Villa Futuro, whose life can only be reconstructed from the data evaluation of digital texts, images, videos, audios, and 3d-objects as an audiovisual postproduced and scripted reality. Selecting and arranging and re-arrenging this media-evidence, the life of “Amadea”can be speculatively reconstructed as different persona: as a popular social martyr, as a girl whose main dream was to become a dancer, or as the citizen responsible of writing the protocols of the evolution of the slum from a settlement to its constitution as a “Pueblo Jóven” and the growing relations and tensions with the global context.

The life of “Amadea” will be presented in form of live-audiovisual lecture performances, where the artistic researcher will show the media-evidences suggesting different speculative narrative lines, where “Amadea‘s” life can only remain as a body without organs, inconclusively hidden behind the large amount of media information.

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