News From No(w)Here: VR-Documentary films

View of the city district Villa El Salvador in Lima, Peru.

Protagonists: Communities of Ocupação Izidora and Lomo Corvina


News from (Now)Here” is a collaborative VR-documentary film project focused on the search of utopias by creating an empathetic approach to the lives of people living in slums through the use of immersive technology. The project is inspired by the 1890 utopian novel “News from Nowhere” by William Morris and is based on the use of virtual reality as a tool for social mediation as originally designed by BeAnotherLab and supported by the United Nations for the free use of technology (Creative Commons). With the on-site collaboration of two filmmaker-teams, “News from Now(Here)” will be shot in the slums Ocupação Izidora in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Lomo Corvina in Villa El Salvador (Peru) documenting one day in the lives of some of their inhabitants.


The filmmakers will be divided in two teams (one in Brazil and one in Peru) to accompany the slums’ dwellers in their daily activities and dialogue with them about their hopes, dreams and ideas for the future of their communities. The daily activities and dialogues will be recorded from a first-person perspective with a 360° monoscopic or 180° stereoscopic camera and a 360° microphone. After the recordings, the raw footage will be post-produced into several 10 minutes VR documentary films.


In order to create an immersive experience that allow the audience to experience the world from the perspective of Izidora’s and Lomo Corvina’s inhabitants, the VR documentary films will be presented in booths provided with VR headsets sets and uploaded to the internet as 360° films.

Thus, the goal of the project is not only to offer a close and empathic approach to the lives of the slums inhabitants but also to encourage people from other latitudes of the world to get in touch with this communities and engage with their struggles to improve their living space.

We are still looking for support to materialize this project. If you would like to support us, please contact Gonzalo H. Rodríguez here.